TRACKS with Tobias Ørnes Andersen | Songs that drove the inspiration behind Aiming For Enrike’s “Music For Working Out To”

Aiming For Enrike recently appeared on Audiotree for a live session. It is about half an hour of tightly packed, rhythmically challenging Stand-Offs between a drummer and his armed-to-the-teeth-with-pedals guitarist.

Tobias Ørnes Andersen and Simen Følstad Nilsen make quite the capable duo. Since their last full length output Las Napalmas we also saw an interesting shift in their general sound.

The bands next record Music For Working Out is set to release january 10th 2020 and will feature a wide array of seemingly electronic music inspired tracks.

When we heard Andersen referencing Burial and Jon Hopkins as some of his influences, we got curious and asked about some more titles the drummer found to be, in one or the other regard, inspiring.

Naturally it got interesting.

Read about it below!

AIMING FOR ENRIKE // Live in Salzburg


Jon Hopkins productions are just incredible. Sonically it’s mind-blowing. I really like the huge spacy atmosphere that’s also romantic and human. I like that he dares to be a little new agy. This music really gets my mind to a good place.
I don’t know how much this music has influenced Aiming for Enrikes sound but our music is getting more and more atmospheric. And i guess everything you like is with you in a creative prosess.


Burial deifinetly got his own sound. This music is much more melancholic, and grey and it hits me hard in a weird way. His productions are kind of low fi and super cool. His timing on his beats are rad, and often a bit off. I guess this is something i have had in mind while creating stuff for AfE. Also the atmospheric low fi synth stuff is something that we both love.


I used to listen to King Crimson a lot when i was younger. I still love them. This is from their 80s line up when the music was more poppy. Its super quirky with super hip guitarplaying and sound!


This is a huge influence for our sound on our upcoming album. Space disco. Really cool retro vibe. Super groovy. Atmospheric and huge!


Played with these guys a couple of times in Japan. CRAZY japanese hip hop. Their timing is like taking J Dilla and D Angelo, remove all the soul, then adding japanese precision. Really blew our mind both times we have seen them live.


Listen to this a lot on tours lately. Really cool psych folk funk band from Turkey. Great sound!

Videostill (c) Audiotree

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